We all know how much influence Social Media posses in the 21st century. Nothing can be done without having a social media presence and a good virtual reputation. Companies like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter have taken over the minds of the youth as well as the customer bases for all existing customer bases. Luckily for you Harmilap has mastered the trade of taking over those minds using these platforms ensuring a strong customer base.


With over a billion users Facebook is easily the largest social media platform there is. We have all heard the song,”He’s always on Facebook” which isn’t really a lie. It is much more of a truth in today’s time for all of us rather than a certain sly comment. Facebook is easily the biggest source of information and influence for the youth of 21st century. In short, if you control Facebook, you control the trade. We at Harmilap have developed an unbeaten secret formula to control this mega giant which can be very beneficial for you


A subsidiary of Facebook itself, with over 700 million users worldwide Instagram is the latest hype in the social media industry. The concept of post and go made it difficult for advertising to be that influential but we at Harmilap have a unique trade position that enables us to not only influence the users of this social media platform but also form an image in any way we want.


The entire purpose of LinkedIn is to form a business contact platform which instead of being a friendly platform like Facebook or Instagram allows its customers to be professional and talk of business only. 500 million users worldwide is a lot of people to enable to form a business circle and use for major sales. Harmilap works with LinkedIn and create this sector influential business platform.


There is no need to explain the influence of Twitter as a social media platform. We all see news and media often quoting tweets which are the forms of words with a character limit that Twitter conceptualises on. With over 328 million users worldwide, Twitter is not to highlight a large platform for working and growth. Harmilap takes over this responsibility off of you an works to ensure proper and maximum influence and credibility on such a site.


The entire concept of YouTube is to promote audio-video forms of advertising among those who wish to browse any kind of videos. The mega usage of over 3.25 billion hours of watched videos every week is no less than a dream platform for advertising. It enables complete information base Videos which makes them fall in love with the companies being mentioned. We at Harmilap create and promote your brand’s videos on this platform ensuring potential growth

  • We bestowed our trust upon Harmilap a long time back and it has been ever since that we never looked back. Its service and love for work is just outstanding. They were there for us through thick and thin and we thank them for it

  • Harmilap has been associated with us for the past many years and has managed to show exemplary performance and unbelievable creativity.



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